The Universe Will Die

A quick recap of how scientists think Universe Would Die

The universe is expanding , and this expansion is currently not slowing down . We don’t know the reason why exactly this is happening , where is this energy coming from and how long will it last. Since we pretty much know nothing about this , we call it Dark Energy . There are three ways the scientists think this all could end


1. The Big Rip

The space everywhere is expanding ,every galaxy is moving away from each other at a faster rate.There will be a time when the space expansion would be so fast that gravity would not be able to compensate for it , ripping apart not just galaxies and stars but also atoms themselves. Finally space would expand faster than speed of light and the universe would be a huge sea of lonely particles , in a timeless time , never touching ,never interacting ,never even knowing about the existence of any other in an ever expanding infinite universe.. You thought you were lonely?


The Big Rip


2. Heat Death aka Big Freeze

Universe is always going towards more and more entropy . As more and more space is being created, matter would slowly and slowly spread itself thin across the universe . Matter would decay and convert into radiation ,entropy reaches to it’s maximum and finally everything in the universe would simply halt. The final highest entropy state with no more disorganization possible. The universe is dead forever.

The Big Freeze


Though , there is hope. Due to quantum tunneling, there may be a spontaneous entropy decrease , leading to a new Big Bang. Wohooo


3.Big Crunch and Big Bounce

If there is less dark energy in the universe than we think or if it’s effects wear out with the passage of time, gravity would take over and the universe would again start shrinking. The temperatures would rise again and everything would collapse , galaxies would collide, black holes would gobble up stars and planets and other black holes, until everything finally , crushed by gravity , is concentrated into one super massive point blackhole which would devour everything in the universe and finally  itself, leading to a new big bang and a new universe. This would imply that the universe goes around in circles …expand, collapse, expand collapse –upto infinity Big Crunch and Big Bounce


So which one is correct?

Currently Scientists feel the Heat Death to be the most probable scenario.

Which one are you rooting for?

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