You will never pick up that Pomegranate or any other juice off the shelf after seeing this.

Did you know, the labeling on your food products may not necessarily be correct. It is more of an art rather than an actual fact check.Listen to John Oliver open a can of worms on what all can be done and how misleading food labels can be.


John Oliver on misleading food lables


The case discussed was Pom Wonderful vs Coca Cola, where Pom claimed that Coca cola’s labeling of product called Pomegranate Blueberry Flavored Blend of Five Juices misleading as  it contains only 0.3 percent pomegranate juice and 0.2 percent blueberry juice. While Coca Cola accused Pom of misleading public about health benefits of Pomegranate. Believe it or not, both companies feel that misleading public is part of their first amendment rights ….

Also..WE DO NOT encourage you to do what he said at the end 🙂


India: A country where Pizza reaches faster than an ambulance..Maybe you know why

An eye opener Video showing how brilliantly Indian drivers respond to an Emergency siren by an Ambulance.

Here are some of the wonderful ways in which Indian drivers responded

  1. Park right in front of an ambulance , putting on gear locks as well, why you ask? So that ambulance cannot get out .Saving 2 steps of walking vs saving someone’s life, the choice for such indian drivers is pretty clear.
  2. Came in front of the ambulance, hoping someone in front of them will let them pass because there is an ambulance
  3. Over taking
  4. Breaking , right in front of an ambulance , because who gives a S***
  5. Right of way? kidding me , only I have the right of way, m getting late for my Spa appointment

A prank—For Humanity

RJ Naved's best prank

This RJ, routinely calls up people to play silly pranks, But in this prank he did something that will make you respect him like anything.

We are glad , there are people like him , because sometimes people need be woken up.

 Note: It is in Hindi Language