Every Facebook post you write, every tweet , every comment is a huge responsibility -You ought to make human kind smarter

Media programs the way we look at the world , it focuses the lens and that is why there is a huge responsibility on the people who create  media , the story tellers,to output content that truly wakes people up and makes them think, transform,inspire and agitate the consciousness of mankind.

Now that this power is in the hands of everyone, everyone bears the burden of this responsibility. Every facebook post, every tweet , every comment you make has to serve the single purpose.

How Patent Trolls are destroying companies and extorting money

Patent trolls are companies which make nothing,but simply buy patents and use them to sue vulnerable people and businesses.

Defending a patent lawsuit costs about 1-5 million dollars hence most settle outside court for a few 100,000 dollars or close down fearing lawsuits .

This is almost like extortion. See Jon Oliver break it down

Can a Car deliver a message to Space?

There are in your face Advertisements and there are Advertisements that just melt your heart. This is one of the latter. An Astronaut’s daughter sends him a message in the sweetest way possible.

Beauty in Breakups

Yes, what can be the beauty in breakups ? Watch this awe inspiring video on what is the beauty in breakups. How is it connected to human existence and human condition . How does this tragedy has beauty