Have Indian Politicians finally Come of Age? #KejriwalOnTVF

Indian Politicians are not exactly known for their funny bone, on the contrary they have tried to ban people from making jokes about them. Breaking this chain of unfunny politicians, is the latest rising star of Indian Politics Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal appeared in a comedy video by TVF (The Viral Fever) , Barely Speaking With Arunab , based on Between Two Ferns.

TVF has famously made spoof of Kejriwal  in the past but getting Kejriwal Himself on the show is something no one expected

The Woman would be wishing that She Never Asked that Question

Do peaceful Muslims matter?

We keep on talking about peaceful majority of Muslims, but the point is, does peaceful majority matter? .It is the extremists  who are the real culprit.


So if you belong to that peaceful majority of any religion or sect or community, DO NOT be Irrelevant.


India’s Strongest PM candidate lies through the nose, distorts historical facts , But , No one blinks and eye

This person , Narendra Modi ,is supposed to be the strongest contender for the post of PM of India as per some polls. If he becomes the PM, maybe India might have to rewrite it’s history books and come up with a legitimate explanation on how a 1yr old can have philosophical discussions or maybe how can you talk to the dead.

We wonder, who writes his speeches? and who proof reads it? Is it a deliberate attempt to stir up fake controversy?

A prank—For Humanity

RJ Naved's best prank

This RJ, routinely calls up people to play silly pranks, But in this prank he did something that will make you respect him like anything.

We are glad , there are people like him , because sometimes people need be woken up.

 Note: It is in Hindi Language

Breaking news from India

This is an actual breaking news from a leading news channel in India.

The newly elected in chief minister forgot to put a seat-belt while driving to work on the first day(Possibly swearing in ceremony).The reporter not only covered it as breaking news but also mentioned how the chief minister Shredded the traffic laws to bits and pieces (Dhajjiyaan udai)


Mayawati WINS the Indian parliament

Mayawati plays dalit card

Trust Mayawati to bring in caste card everywhere…

Summary: Because a poor DALIT (Oppressed class)women Devyani Khobragade(Who happens to be a indian diplomat) was harassed , Central government reacted late and not enough.

Love the fact that she keeps repeating “Jabki Jaati ko beech mein nahi lana chahiye” (We should not bring cast in this).