No Drama, No Moral Judgement, No Patronizing :An Indian ad featuring 2 lesbians as 2 humans in Love. +1 India #anoukboldisbeautiful

Myntra launched an Ad for its Kurta line Anouk and decided to feature 2 lesbians in it. it is a bold step since in India Gay sex is still illegal and a vast number of people are still not comfortable accepting same sex couples . The heartwarming part of this ad is it’s brilliant execution.

There is no drama of shocked parents, no patronizing of lesbian community , no moral statements about accepting the “different” . Just simply a story of 2 people clearly in love . Simple and beautiful

This is heartwarming, is-int it?

The Wisest 9 year old

From What is the meaning of life  to destiny to  life on other planets to parallel universes, this 9 year kid not only knows about them but seems to have given deeper thought to it. Perhaps he is one of the wisest 9 year old kid we have seen


Kids Speak Out on Religion : This would make you happy

Some Gems:

We invented religion , God did not

If there was no religion, there would be no fights

People of all religions are same.

It is clear that some of these kids though may not completely understand religion and tend to mix it with other kinds of man-made differentiation , they are acutely aware how it is wrong. How some people do not interact with other religions , how people divide . These kids sure seem to have a great yearning for a free world where everyone is same, and religions do not matter.

If this is our future generation ,we feel a little safe today

Fight Like a Girl? You Wish

This then 5 year old became a youtube star after her Dad Posted her Boxing Practice video.

5 Year Old

But her new video in which she is just 7 year old would blow your mind. Just watch her hand speed and sharp punches . This is one girl you never want to mess with. Go Girl

At 7 Year Old