The most Chilled out Cat Ever- Cat In Plane

We perhaps have found the most badass chilled out James bond Cat ever. It just decided to hitch a ride on a plane, no seatbelts , no safety nothing. And it remains calm and composed during the entire flight, relaxing enjoying the view and letting the breeze flow in it’s hair

When Big Bang Theory meets Bollywood the result is just Mind Blowing

What happens when you mix Bollywood Songs and Dialogs with Big Bang theory? You get something totally hilarious and unexpected .

You may want to sit down for this , else you end up on the floor laughing

That’s Not All, they¬†even did How I met your mother

How I Met your Mother meets Bollywood

And Finally

Friends Meet Bollywood

Proposing in Memes- Beautiful and Geeky

Who said memes are just funny , memes are a language , a symbol of our culture where we distill a whole idea into a simple image . They spread like virus , to varied cultures varied languages and can mean something beautiful.

See a beautiful geeky proposal in memes. Why can’t the best moment in life be expressed in memes